John Cini

Impact Healthcare
Phone: 832-224-6181

What’s the 2nd biggest expense for most Americans? Health insurance! We can help you cut your cost in HALF! Impact Healthcare is perfect for business owners and those who’ve been priced out of the health insurance market. We have dozens of video testimonials on our YouTube channel: (which forwards to playlists on Your Health Sharing, then click Testimonials). We have several business owners on there, including an MD who owns two clinics in NYC.

To get a quote, go to my website, – the only thing you have to enter is your birthday! You don’t have to give your name, phone, or email, just your birthday. Get a quote right away! Takes 10 seconds. Our prices start at $73/mo. for individuals, $378 for families of 3 or more. BTW, our rates have not increased in 4 years! We have WHOLESALE Rx pricing, beating GoodRx 90% of the time. Our rate for those over age 65 starts at $96/month.