V Karen Miller ’86

Website: Design2Train.com  
Email: miller@design2train.com

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Design2Train was founded in 2001 as an instructional design and digital media production agency.  We create custom eLearning, video production and learning management system (LMS) implementation. Our latest program, eMA Bootcamp empowers non-training eLearning project leaders to confidently manage projects for on-time delivery and up to 50% cost savings on production costs.

V Karen Miller, M.Ed. Design2Train CEO earned her Master’s degree in Educational Technology from TAMU in 1986. She is a third generation teacher with a passion for teaching with technology. She has diverse corporate leadership as an Instructional Designer in: GTE K12 Online Communities, FAA/Airway Facilities and Aviation Medical Examiners, Compaq Portables Div Marketing, Questia Online Library and The Zenith – CA Worker’s Compensation Process Re-engineering / Model Office. Visit: www.Design2Train.com

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