Mike Wells ’81 (WTAMU)

Mike and Lynn Wells: Independent Promoter
CELLiS Health, LLC
Website: mikewells.cellisnow.com
Phone: 281-733-0145
Email:  mjwellstx58@gmail.com




CELLiS started delivering products July 26, 2018.  CELLiS delivers a proprietary ingredient, DIHYDROBERBERINE to the cellular level, and helps individuals deal with such health issues as inflammation, glucose intolerance, blood sugar levels, and numerous ailments individuals deal with in today’s society.  BERBERINE has been used by the Chinese and Native Americans in their medicines for over 2500 years.  There are over 5000 studies regarding the benefits of BERBERINE.

I encourage each individual to do your own research on the benefits of BERBERINE and decide if these products might benefit you.  There is a great opportunity physically and financially to be part of a new company that is going to change millions of lives through the science of our products.