Patricia O’Brien ’95

Feel Great System (nutritional product) and Ask the Art Angel Podcast
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Feel Great System is comprised of two patented, proven whole-food products which you add to your current diet to help in re-establishing proper gut flora, regulate blood sugar levels (which regulates insulin release) and as a natural side effect you will lose weight – only IF excess weight is a component of your current health challenges. The Feel Great System is particularly helpful if you have Diabetes, Hashimoto’s, PCOS, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure or other conditions related to INSULIN RESISTANCE — and/or if you need to lose 10-100+ pounds. Personally, I took this product and hoped to lose & those last 10 pounds & ultimately, it enabled me to lose twenty pounds! This system has enabled me to easily maintain this weight loss while eating the foods I love! It has a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee (for any reason) so you have nothing to lose, except perhaps the struggles you’ve been having with the aforementioned conditions and/or weight control. Please call today and I’d be happy to find out if this system is potentially a good fit for you. ✨